8:25        Bell to Report to 1st Block

8:35        Tardy to 1st Block

                Departure of AM Career Center Students

                Pledge, Moment of Silence

10:25      End 1st Block

10:30      Tardy to 2nd Block

11:45        Career Center Lunch

12:00       End 2nd Block/ End of Career Center Lunch

                 Dismiss to 3rd Block/A Lunch

12:05       Tardy to 3rd Block/A Lunch

12:30       A Lunch Ends

12:35       A Lunch Tardy to 3rd Block

12:40     B Lunch Begins

1:10        B Lunch Ends

1:15        B Lunch Tardy to 3rd Block

1:35        C Lunch Begins

2:05        C Lunch/End 3rd Block

2:10        Tardy to 4th Block

3:40        End 4th Block

                 WCHS Afternoon Update

3:45        Dismissal

SPECIAL NOTES: (1) The location of the student’s 3rd block class will determine his/her lunch period.(2) Early dismissal privileges (for lunch only) may be extended to seniors upon administrative approval.

NOTE: If permanent changes to the bell schedule are made, these will be announced and you should note the changes here.