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Talented and Gifted Program

The Talented and Gifted Program in Sumter School District (TAG) serves students in grades 3  through 8 who have been identified as academically gifted under the ”Regulations for State-Funded Gifted and Talented Programs.” To qualify for the program, a student must score at or above the ninety-sixth percentile on a nationally standardized test of academic ability or must meet at least two of three dimensions defined by South Carolina guidelines for identification: reasoning ability, academic achievement, and intellectual/academic performance. These criteria are assessed through aptitude test scores, achievement test scores from the state testing program instrument, student achievement data, and grades or performance testing to determine eligibility for the program. Teachers or other school officials refer students to be evaluated for the program based upon their observations of the child’s performance in class during the school year. In addition, a parent may request that his/her child be evaluated for placement in the GT program. Each request is screened to determine

Eligibility under district policies for testing. All district second-graders are screened in November for possible placement in the TAG Program during the 3rd grade. This census testing involves both ability and achievement testing on standardized tests.

If your child exhibits many of the characteristics of gifted children, or if he or she has other indicators of high intelligence, then you may wish to request testing for the GT Program. Parents should carefully consider whether to request evaluation since many children find testing stressful. Others become upset for fear they may fail or disappoint their parents. It should also be noted that good grades are not necessarily indicators of giftedness. Please consider your child’s abilities compared to the general qualities of gifted children listed below. In general, gifted children exhibit many of the traits below:

-have unusually large vocabulary for their age

-are intensely interested in a wide variety of things

-learned to read before kindergarten

-are creative and imaginative

-developed early (sitting, walking, talking)

-are persistent, motivated, stay on task

-are two or more years advanced in reading or math

-have a keen sense of humor

-learn easily and rapidly

-express ideas in unusual ways

-enjoy complicated games

-have superior abstract thinking skills

-are fascinated with cause and effect relationships.

GT classes are designed to challenge students with many of the above characteristics to think, to do research, to work individually and collaboratively, and to master content that is tied to state curriculum standards and enriched in both depth and breadth. Testing is scheduled during the school year in August and January. If you wish to request testing for your child, please complete the form in the TAG brochure that is sent home to parents at the beginning of the school year. You may also call David C. Trombly, Coordinator, at 469-6900 ext. 513, or give your request to your child’s teacher or counselor. When your request is received, records will be examined to determine if your child is eligible for testing at the approaching test date. In order to complete this process and obtain parent permission prior to testing, nominations must be received at least one week prior to the test dates.

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