What is a volunteer?

Resource persons and volunteers are persons who work at school sites or at school-sponsored activities without compensation or employee benefits of any kind.
They support district instructional programs and activities by assisting employees in providing individualization and enrichment of instruction and by strengthening school/community relations. The board expects the administration to appropriately screen resource persons and volunteers to assure the safety of the students. Approval of resource persons and volunteers will be done by the principal. Resource persons and volunteers will be under the immediate supervision and direction of a certificated person when assisting in an instructional setting. They will be under the supervision of appropriate approved personnel when assisting in a non-instructional setting. Use of resource persons and volunteers within the district is not to conflict with or replace any regularly authorized personnel position. Resource persons and volunteers are expected to comply with all rules and regulations set forth by the district.

What do volunteers do?

Resource persons and volunteers may be used in many capacities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • for non-teaching duties not requiring instructional judgment or evaluation of students
  • for supervising study halls, long distance teaching reception areas used incident to instructional programs transmitted by electronic media (such as computers, video and audio), detention and discipline areas, and school-sponsored extracurricular activities
  • to assist with academic programs under a certificated teacher’s immediate supervision
  • as a guest lecturer or resource person under a certificated teacher’s direction and with the administration’s approval
  • as supervisors, chaperones or sponsors for non-academic school activities

How to become a volunteer?

All resource persons and volunteers must submit an application which includes the requirement of a background check by the district.

  • Schools will thoroughly orient resource persons and volunteers to the duties they are to perform, including providing the individual a copy of this administrative rule and other pertinent information. District consultants and supervisors may help with this whenever applicable. The staff member to whom the individual is assigned is responsible for explaining specifically what is expected of the individual.
  • The school will give all resource persons and volunteers some acquaintance with the overall operation of the school, including what the school expects of all persons who work with it.
  • All resource persons and volunteers are under the direct supervision of and accountable to the principal or his/her designee.
  • Each resource person or volunteer must register in the school’s main office at the beginning of each visit and wear a name tag while in the building or at school-sponsored activities.
  • No one will give resource persons or volunteers the authority to have access to student records. Resource persons or volunteers may only see those records that pertain to their own children in compliance with policy JRA and administrative rule JRA-R.
  • The school principal will make periodic assessments to ensure that the resource persons and volunteers are working productively with students.
  • Resource persons and volunteers are helpers only. The direction of students, particularly in strictly teaching areas, is the responsibility of the certificated teacher and cannot be turned over to a resource person or volunteer.
  • Health room resource persons or volunteers are to work under the supervision of the school principal or his/her designee. These individuals will follow district policy concerning first aid and emergency care.
  • Principals should commend, thank and publicly recognize resource persons and volunteers whenever justified and possible.

Sumter School District

AR IJOB/IJOC-R Resource Persons/School Volunteers
Issued 9/11