Summer Jump Start Program Registration - Due June 29, 2021District Mask Policy - Updated May 2021Become a Volunteer

Register for the Summer Jump Start Program that will run  July 12-15, 2021 for rising 9th graders, and July 19-22, 2021 for rising 10th graders.

During the Jumpstart Program, students will participate in engaging learning sessions from teachers and other staff. The following information provides details regarding the program:

  • Students attend Monday through Thursday, July 12-15 for 9th grade and July 19-22 for 10th grade at CHS.
  • Students should arrive by 8:45 AM and will be dismissed at 11:30 AM.
  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided.
  • Bus transportation will be available upon request.
  • Masks and physical distancing will be strictly enforced.
  • Students should bring their Chromebooks daily.
  • Parents who wish to opt their student(s) out of the mask requirement may do so in the main office.
  • Registration for this event will close on June 29, 2021, at 11:59 PM.

We look forward to providing exciting learning opportunities to your child through the Jumpstart  Program. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have questions or need more information.

To register for the Summer Jump Start Program, please visit this link. The registration deadline is June 29, 2021, at 11:59 pm. We look forward to providing additional support to your child through the Summer Jump Start Program. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have questions or need more information

Policy ADD Face Covering Issued 9/20

To reduce the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that a face covering be worn in public settings when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. The district will consider the circumstances in the community and consult local health officials for the implementation of this policy.


A face covering is a piece of fabric, cloth, or other material that covers the wearer’s nose, mouth, and chin simultaneously and is secured to the wearer’s face by elastic, ties, or other means. Acceptable face coverings may be homemade, and they may be reusable or disposable but must adhere to the dress code. A face shield made of flexible plastic that wraps around the wearer’s face and extends below his/her chin may also be used as a face covering.

Staff Members

Staff members will wear a face covering while on district property or conducting business on behalf of the district (e.g. driving a bus, conducting a home visit, supervising athletic events, etc.). Staff members include, but are not limited to, salaried and hourly employees, school volunteers, student teachers, and interns. The district may provide masks to staff members and expects that reusable masks will be washed regularly to ensure maximum protection.


All students from Kindergarten through 12th grade will wear face coverings while on district property, on district transportation, or while attending a school-related activity (e.g. athletic events, field trips, etc.). Certain classes or activities may be granted a limited exception to this requirement at the discretion of the superintendent or his/her designee. The district may provide masks to students and expects that reusable masks will be washed regularly to ensure maximum protection. Exceptions for wearing a face covering may include, but are not limited to, the following activities: mealtimes outdoor recess where students can maintain a physical distance of at least six feet administration of medication


Non-essential visitors to district buildings will be limited in accordance with administrative rule KI-R, Visitors. Visitors include, but are not limited to, parents/legal guardians, contract service providers, and delivery persons. Visitors will wear a face covering while on district property. Visitors will be asked to leave district property if they refuse to wear a face covering.


Requests for exceptions under this policy for health or developmental conditions or religious exemption will be considered by the superintendent or his/her designee, who may request documentation justifying the exception. Students (or parents/legal guardians) who request to be exempted from wearing a face covering for reasons other than a health or developmental condition or religious exemption will be offered virtual learning for the period that face coverings are required on district property.

Harassment and Bullying

The district will not tolerate harassment of anyone wearing face coverings or those with recognized exemptions to the face covering requirement and will appropriately discipline students, staff members, or visitors who engage in behavior that interferes with any student or staff member’s ability to comply with this policy.


Failure or refusal to wear a face covering by a staff member or student may result in disciplinary action in accordance with district policy and codes of conduct, as applicable. This policy is intended to be effective until further notice and to align with district policies including, but not limited to, student and staff dress codes. To the extent this policy does not align, it will supersede others in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in effect at the time. For clarification on potential conflicts between policies, the interpretation of the superintendent or his/her designee is final. The board authorizes the superintendent or his/her designee to amend these requirements as necessary to meet health and safety guidelines.

Adopted 9/14/20 Sumter School District

Please review the letter from Dr. Martin-Knox in response to the executive order issued by Governor McMaster. Parents now have the option to submit a signed waiver in order for their student(s) to opt-out of any face covering requirements imposed by a public school official. The waiver can be downloaded here. Copies will be available in the main office. Parents should submit the waiver in the main office (M-F, 8:00-3:45).

What is a volunteer?

Resource persons and volunteers are persons who work at school sites or at school-sponsored activities without compensation or employee benefits of any kind.
They support district instructional programs and activities by assisting employees in providing individualization and enrichment of instruction and by strengthening school/community relations. The board expects the administration to appropriately screen resource persons and volunteers to assure the safety of the students. Approval of resource persons and volunteers will be done by the principal. Resource persons and volunteers will be under the immediate supervision and direction of a certificated person when assisting in an instructional setting. They will be under the supervision of appropriate approved personnel when assisting in a non-instructional setting. Use of resource persons and volunteers within the district is not to conflict with or replace any regularly authorized personnel position. Resource persons and volunteers are expected to comply with all rules and regulations set forth by the district.

What do volunteers do?

Resource persons and volunteers may be used in many capacities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • for non-teaching duties not requiring instructional judgment or evaluation of students
  • for supervising study halls, long distance teaching reception areas used incident to instructional programs transmitted by electronic media (such as computers, video and audio), detention and discipline areas, and school-sponsored extracurricular activities
  • to assist with academic programs under a certificated teacher’s immediate supervision
  • as a guest lecturer or resource person under a certificated teacher’s direction and with the administration’s approval
  • as supervisors, chaperones or sponsors for non-academic school activities

How to become a volunteer?

All resource persons and volunteers must submit an application which includes the requirement of a background check by the district. Once you have completed the volunteer application, contact Ms. Luckey and Mr. Curry to verify receipt of your application, and complete the next steps in the process. *Completion of the application does not guarantee approval. Ms. Luckey and Mr. Curry must verify and provide final approval prior to the volunteer working with CHS students.

  • Schools will thoroughly orient resource persons and volunteers to the duties they are to perform, including providing the individual a copy of this administrative rule and other pertinent information. District consultants and supervisors may help with this whenever applicable. The staff member to whom the individual is assigned is responsible for explaining specifically what is expected of the individual.
  • The school will give all resource persons and volunteers some acquaintance with the overall operation of the school, including what the school expects of all persons who work with it.
  • All resource persons and volunteers are under the direct supervision of and accountable to the principal or his/her designee.
  • Each resource person or volunteer must register in the school’s main office at the beginning of each visit and wear a name tag while in the building or at school-sponsored activities.
  • No one will give resource persons or volunteers the authority to have access to student records. Resource persons or volunteers may only see those records that pertain to their own children in compliance with policy JRA and administrative rule JRA-R.
  • The school principal will make periodic assessments to ensure that the resource persons and volunteers are working productively with students.
  • Resource persons and volunteers are helpers only. The direction of students, particularly in strictly teaching areas, is the responsibility of the certificated teacher and cannot be turned over to a resource person or volunteer.
  • Health room resource persons or volunteers are to work under the supervision of the school principal or his/her designee. These individuals will follow district policy concerning first aid and emergency care.
  • Principals should commend, thank and publicly recognize resource persons and volunteers whenever justified and possible.

Sumter School District

AR IJOB/IJOC-R Resource Persons/School Volunteers
Issued 9/11