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Welcome to Crestwood High School

DrGamble2      Message from our Principal

First, please allow me this opportunity to welcome everyone to Crestwood High School (CHS). The administrative team is anxiously anticipating the beginning of another school year at The Castle, where we embrace the Sumter School District’s (SSD) theme of Shaping Our Future, Together We Can. We anxiously anticipate the upcoming school year to implement continuous improvement efforts that will propel us to local, state, and national recognitions.

For the past two years, CHS has received the following recognitions and accomplishments: 1) two Gates Millennium Scholars, 2) two Harmon Scholars, 3) over $20,000 donated to Relay for Life, 4) $16,380,911 in scholarships, and 5) over 1,000 community service hours performed by JROTC. Other points of pride for last school year, which is not an inclusive list, include the following: 1) choral performance at Carnegie Hall in New York, 2) television and state recognitions for Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS), 3) regional and state recognitions for student-athletes and coaches, 4) several grant recipients, and 5) numerous accomplishments by students and teachers.

Through teamwork, CHS will continue to provide a quality education that enhances and expands beneficial partnerships, technology initiatives, and blended learning opportunities as directed by SSD. My focus remains to ensure that CHS students acquire skills that will ensure career and college readiness. As the instructional leader, my door is always open and I welcome your input. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any concerns, suggestions, or ideas for continuous school improvement. I look forward to meeting students, parents, and community members.

Dr. Shirley Gamble

Driver Safety Class

Student Driver Safety Class Aug. 29 @ 4:00, room 3012

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College Application Day

college application day

College Application Day Poster


National Anthem Project

The national anthem project will be held on Sept. 13 at 7:00 pm at Patriot Hall.  This is a district-wide program that raises awareness of and honors our nation’s anthem.  Many Sumter musical groups will perform as well as a combined middle and high school district choir.  Speakers will be Shaw Air Force Military.

Dance! Dance! Dance!


Fall semester students’ dance performance took place on February 12, 2016, at 6:30 PM in the Crestwood Fine Arts Center. The performance was entitled, “Our Tribute”. It was a performance consisting of various dance styles and pieces from various pioneers of dance history!  All pieces had a common ground of the five foundational elements of dance: body, space, time, effort, and relationships! The dance students explored the various elements of dance, paid tribute to the various well-known choreographers that paved the way before them, and took risks in creating new ways to express their message through dance!

Spring Performance took place within the Crestwood High School Fine Arts Department’s “Knights of Creation” two night event consisting of a student art exhibit, dance performance, band performance, and chorus performance. The performance consisted of various dance styles and pieces choreographed by dance teacher, Ms. Card, and the dance students!  The various dance styles were ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, & hip hop from various decades. Each dance piece gave the audience a snap shot of the variety of dance styles that the department offers, and the growth in skill level of our beginner level students.


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